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    1. Shandong XinTai Water Treatment Co,.Ltd.

      Top-Quality Manufacturer In Water Treatment Industry


      Oxygen Scavenger


        CAS No.: 497-18-7                       EINECS: 207-837-2

        Molecular formula: CH6N4O       Molecular weight: 90.08

        Structure formula:


        Carbohydrazide is white crystal powder, Carbohydrazide is very soluble in water and soluble in alcohol. It decomposes on heating or exposure to uv to form ammonia, hydrogen, and nitrogen, which may be explosive with a blue flame when catalyzed by metal oxides and some metals such as platinum or raney nickel. Carbohydrazide has dibasic and very reactive properties. It is used as a component in jet fuels because it produce a large amount of heat when burned. It is used as rocket fuel.it is used as an oxygen scavenger for water boiler feed and heating systems to prevent corrosion damage. It is used as a reducing agent for the recovery of precious metals. It is used as a polymerization catalyst and a chain extender in urethane coatings. Carbohydrazide is used as an auxiliary in photographic industry to prevent discolouration. It is used as an intermediate for pharmaceuticals, stabilizers and water treatment chemicals.

        It and its derivatives are versatile intermediates. They have active applications in organic synthesis for agrochemicals, pharmaceuticals, photographic, heat stabilizers, polymerization catalysts, flame- retardants, blowing agents for plastics, explosives, and dyes. Recently, hydrazine is applied to lcd (liquid crystal displays) as the fuel to make faster thin-film transistors.



        White crystalline powder


        Slightly odor like Ammonia

        Relative density

        1.02 g/cm3


        100.0 ± 2.0%

        Melting point


        Total Volatile substance


        Insoluble substance inwater


        Residue on ignition


        PH value (12% watersolution, at25°C)



        25kgnet per fiber drum, 350 X 460, 1FCL=9MT (with pallets), 12MT (w/o pallets).

        Storage for one year in shady room and dry place.


        As a strong reductive agent, it can be used as intermediates of energy-contain material, and ingredients of rocket explosive

        and impelling agent; Also it is the highest efficient agent to move Oxygen from boiler, with lower toxin, high melting point

        and high efficiency, safe to environment; and it can be used as crosslinking agent of elastic fiber in chemical fiber industry;

        as chemical raw material and intermediate, it is widely used in pharmaceuticals, herbicide, plant growth regulator and dyestuff industry.

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